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Guarding – Asset Protection & Risk Management

Titon is a premier supplier of high quality guarding services, working in a wide array of sectors.

We focus on providing high quality security officers, this is achieved through detailed screening of job applicants.

We only employ and retain PSIRA registered security officers in the industry, as it is a criminal offence to employ an unregistered person as security officer.

Minimum Standards of our Security Officers:
– SA Citizens.
– No criminal records.
– Trained and registered at PSIRA (Grade D-A).
– Validity of security officers PSIRA, ID’s (Security officers act No 9 of 1987, 14) ensured.
– Dedicated, neat and punctual.

The Guarding Division includes:
– Foot patrols / observation of premises
– Prevention and combating of crime.
– Control room management.
– Monitoring of CCTV systems
– Site specific and on site continuous training.
– Immediate action and prompt feedback with regard to security related matters.
– Recordkeeping of all security related matters.
– Advice to our clients on matters of a criminal nature, liaison with the SAPS and SAPS sector
policing commanders.
– Support to our clients.

Standard Equipment:
– Uniforms – Combat or Step out clothing
– Tonfa Battons.
– Torches.
– Occurrence book and necessary stationary
– Hand cuffs
– Pepper spray
– Electronic patrol monitoring system
– Communications systems

Additional Equipment at Competitive Monthly Rates:
– Vehicle (Sedan or LDV)
– Quad bike (150cc – 200cc)
– Motorcycle (125-250cc)
– Bicycles
– Segway two(2) wheel electric stand up security scooter (battery operated)
– Cruza XR 500 electric scooter (battery operated).
– Metal detectors
– Alcohol testers
– Pepper gas pistols
– Live electronic patrol monitoring systems
– Panic buttons
We provide transport for security officers and they are posted on site.

We Provide Guarding – Asset Protection / Risk Management Services at the Following Premises:
– Residential areas/ block of flats
– Golfing & Residential estates
– Shopping Center’s
– Retail & wholesale industries, uniformed and/or undercover personnel to prevent crime e.g. product theft etc.
– Controlling the access & egress of and/or assets to a broad base of premises which include,
but not limited to:
• Industrial/ Commercial/ Motor industry
• Office / parks
• Truck stops & Fuel depots
• Shopping Centre’s / Malls and the
• Mining Industry

Our services is supported by 24 hour patrolling and response vehicles, manned by security
supervising managers and/or supervisors which include
– Visits to clients & personnel
– Immediate attendance/response to emergencies

Alarm Monitoring & Rapid Tactical Response Services

We provide a 24hour alarm, electrical fence and beams monitoring and rapid tactical armed response service. Reaction officers are well trained to respond and attend to any emergency or signals received.

Technical Installations:
Alarm Systems:
• Wire or wireless
• GSM – Alarm on cellphones
• Expanding on wire or wireless alarm systems


Electrical Fencing

– Analog and I.P cameras
– Expanding and moving cameras

Gate & garage door motors

Pepper gas systems and neutralizers

Fingerprint reader systems

Camera systems ( remote viewing )

Intercom Systems

Security Risk Audits / Assessments

We undertake risk audits / assessments with recommendations at:
· Residential complexes
· Business complexes
· Industrial sites/buildings
· Private residences and
· Business premises

Our reports includes risks & threats with recommendations on crime prevention tactics, aimed to reduce the chances of becoming a victim

Specialized Investigations

We specialize in a complete range of investigation services. Eg. Theft, fraud and corruption, which are available to individuals, businesses, companies, law firms and government organizations, nationally and internationally. The expertise of our investigators that are driven to a proper evidence gathering process, to professionally resolve the problem with the client’s best interest at heart.

Polygraph Investigations

Polygraph tests can determine whether or not someone is being truthful. It is not just to find the culprit, but also to prove a person’s innocence and to eliminate a person as a suspect, verify a person’s employment or personal history, to narrow down a list of suspects and to point investigators in the right direction.

Credit Reports

We provide credit reports which contain information of a person’s credit history, and whether a debt collector is collecting any debt owed. Reports also contain records such as judgment and bankruptcies that provide insight into a person’s financial status and obligations.

Pre-Employment Screening

We conduct pre-employment screening of job applicants. During this process we investigate an applicant background to verify the accuracy off his claims and to look into any possible criminal history.

Neighborhood Crime Prevention Patrols

Taking part in community crime prevention, we contribute in making a neighborhood a safer place to live. We provide well organized 24 hour neighborhood vehicle crime prevention patrols. We work closely together with existing neighborhood watch systems and relevant SAPS sector policing commanders. A decline of 80 – 90 % in crime occurred in neighborhoods where we conduct our 24 hour patrolling services.

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